Move-in Cleaning Tips for Your New Home

Post Construction Cleaning Tips to Have Your Home Move-In Ready

So, your home has recently undergone a significant renovation or the building of your dream house is now complete. You are prepared to settle into your new home. Wait, you have a bit of move-in cleaning to do.

While exciting, remodelling and new home construction projects can also be messy. Check out the mud and dust that were left behind. No place is secure. Don’t worry. It will all magically vanish if you use our helpful cleaning advice.

It’s Time to Take Out the Trash

We want to think that any trustworthy builder or crew diligently cleans up their construction site after they’re done. While many do, some aren’t as effective in cleanup as they could be. So carefully inspect your home and property, both inside and out. You might need to sort depending on what you find, such as paint cans, nails, packaging for materials, leftover materials, etc. You should keep some of it in the garage. While some might need to be recycled, the remainder will undoubtedly be sent to a disposal site.

Remove Any Stickers Left Behind

New construction typically entails brand-new everything, including windows and appliances. Numerous of these items will have stickers that must be taken off. You might also find papers containing warranty information, such as manuals for your electronics or appliances. Pay close attention to organizing these and filling out any necessary warranty information to ensure the validity of your warranty. For future reference, keep manuals and warranty information in a designated location.

Time to Tackle All That Dust

After construction, you can anticipate a lot of dust. Who wants that, though? Consider all the hammering and sawing that occurred during construction. The simple answer is that it will all need to be cleaned up. This task has a checklist of its own:

  • Clean windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces to a sparkling shine. Before you get started, though, learn more about how to clean your windows more quickly and efficiently.
  • Wipe down blinds if you have any.
  • Wash the walls of your beautiful new home, paying extra attention to scuffed-up areas and streaks that were left behind.
  • Wipe down baseboards, door frames, mantles, and other wood surfaces of the home. Clean and wipe down any ceiling fans in your home.

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